communicating encouragement cover frontCommunicating Encouragement

A Quick Guide for Educators to Enhance Communication to Students and Parents to Maximize Learning Potential 

Alexandra V. Maragha, 2019

While “the medium is the message”, as defined by communicative theorist Marshall McLuhan, it must be understood and implemented in educational settings. Educators must be aware that the way in which they teach, affects what they teach, and in turn, affects how students learn. To improve the potential for learning, the method of how learning is communicated must be realized, crafted, and delivered in the most beneficial way to reach ultimate results.

Communicating Encouragement is a unique five-step approach for educators to enhance the way messages are crafted and communicated to students and parents to maximize outcomes and learning potential. These same steps can be applied in general day-to-day interactions for anyone to have a more positive outlook and outcomes in their communication.

Learn how to communicate encouragement from these five easy steps:
1. Don’t Teach, Talk!
2. Reveal the Truth –“Honesty is the Best Policy”
3. Progressive Positive Discussion (PPD)
4. Repetition of Expectations
5. Be the Encouragement!

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