AlexandraMedia.com is dedicated to providing and stimulating provocative insights into communicative strategies and trends for personal, educational and business uses. By communicating one word at a time, messages and information are able to become more apparent, effective and coherent, in turn, cultivating understanding one idea at a time.

About Alexandra V. Maragha, Founder

Alexandra V. Maragha is an educator and journalist with over 10 years of combined experience. She is the author of Communicating Encouragement (2019), founder of AlexandraMedia.com, and Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Today’s Boomer; a generational lifestyle magazine. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications, Media and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University in 2010, graduating Summa Cum Laude (4.0). Alexandra has applied her skills in communicative theory, messaging, and investigative journalism into a unique approach to teaching and leading in the classroom and community.

“While ‘the medium is the message’, as defined by communicative theorist Marshall McLuhan, it must be understood and implemented in educational settings. Educators must be aware that the way in which they teach, affects what they teach, and in turn, affects how students learn. To improve the potential for learning, the method of how learning is communicated must be realized, crafted, and delivered in the most beneficial way to reach ultimate results.”
-Alexandra V. Maragha

Alexandra continues to implement, encourage, and learn while guiding others to seek and retain knowledge, especially young minds. The joy of interactions among youth motivates Alexandra to educate and empower others in the process of communication to maximize learning and understanding for each student, classroom, institution, and community.

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