Timing is Everything

By Alexandra V. Maragha

While messages and information are always constant, the most memorable messages arise not from content or source, but from the timing.

Timing is everything.

The most efficient communicators know exactly when to say what they have to say. Even the most important and relevant information is carefully evaluated before being released and communicated.

From one on one communication in personal settings to levels of mass communication, the timing of when messages are communicated often affects how messages are sent.

Take marriage proposals, for example. The time in the relationship spent and affects the timing of interest leading to when the question is proposed or topic is discussed. The setting and method of delivery at that point is then determined by the timing of the message initiated and the desired outcome of the message determined by the timing and delivery.

Likewise, some of the most immediate reactions to events come as quickly as possible directly after an event has occurred to ensure the message has its greatest impact in order to inform the audience it is meant to reach. When information is released that intends to lead to open lines of communication and dialogue, that information is time-released according to a sensed need to initiate and take lead to stimulate an audience to follow and engage in the overall communication process.

Timing effects when people are most perceptive of receiving and understanding the context and meaning of messages. By effectively “tuning in” to trends and patterns of the time of day to the timing of urgency of a situation, messages and communication can be the key difference between people hearing and people listening.

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