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Research Article Published in Journal of Integrated Sciences

The Impact of Instructional Communication Skills Training on Educators

Published in the Journal of Integrated Sciences, this research supports the need for instructional communication skills training in educators and how a training program for educators can lead to improved student-teacher relationships, and an increase in student motivation and academic achievement. Read here.

Reflection on “Change” From COVID-19

“Not only does September 22nd, 2020, mark the first day of fall, it also precisely marked 200,000 COVID-19 deaths in the United States, a number that should mute a country to rethink everything. With every type of unrest building to a potential pinnacle point of no return for Americans physically, mentally, socially, financially, spiritually, individually, and responsibly, the question of how to continue forward is asked with only one true answer”… continue reading

How COVID-19 Exposed the Value of Education in America

“Even if tools such as learning devices and internet access are available, the fact is the overall motivation and mindset of most Americans is not equal to meet the reality of executing education at home. Now, stay-in-place Americans are faced with a true test of priorities each day of how to manage the chaos that COVID-19 has caused in every aspect of life. Structured learning at home, is for many, not critical to establish as the illusion that “normalcy” will return sooner rather than later still is the false hope of Americans.”… continue reading

The Psychological Illusion of Normalcy Amid COVID-19

“Despite a lack of income, the true economic effect has not yet been felt by many Americans, as a frozen or quietly draining bank account is not something touchable in the hands of anyone. Streaming subscriptions, cell phone payments, food delivery, and the “once in a while that has now become the regular” non-essential purchases have been maintained and many have not yet had to make financial cutbacks curving the comforts of home. Until electricity is shut off (which utility companies have vowed not to stop services), or the status quo of materialism changes within each home for each individual, the illusion that life is still normal remains.”… Continue reading this featured post at!

The New “American Dream”                                                                     

As millennials have now taken over in the workforce, influence, and trends there has been a generational rift in the current status of the “American dream”.

“The new “American dream” has shifted far from what Adams intended for Americans; to rise up and above their initial stations they were born into and examine the means of what they value. Perhaps it is not a generational divide, but simply a divide away from the original “American dream.”… continue reading

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